BNA powers the Abassian ecosystem

As the native coin of Abassian ecosystem, BNA has multiple use cases.

All The Ways You Can Use BNA

Tokenized license

BNA will be used by developers and organizations to interact with the Abassian commercial platform products and services

Pay fees

Launch blockchain nodes, provision smart contracts, access smart contracts from Abassian Marketplace

Validator Rewards

individuals or organizations are rewarded for providing services to the Abassian ecosystem (consensus, sidechains, .etc)

The Abassian Utility Blockchain is an EVM compatible blockchain

  • ProgPow algorithm

  • 12 month POW followed by POA or POS

  • 5 BNA per block reward miner

  • 1 BNA per block goes to funding ecosystem development

  • 15 second block

  • No premine

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