Meet Pegasus, a Blockchain build for Enterprise.

modular architecture

a blockchain node is decoupled into microservices exchanging information through a message bus

fully customizable

all modular components are fully configurable and interchangeable to match your enterprise needs.

Pegasus highlights

Horizontal scalability

Any individual microservice forming a logical node can be scaled horizontally

Component pluggable

The microservices architecture is loosely coupled facilitating smooth migration to better technical solutions (such as new consensus algorithms, DBs, enterprise features, .etc)

Smart contracts

Developers can use Solidity, Go, Rust to develop smart contracts, and also all of Ethereum's development tools (Truffle, Zeppeling, Remix, etc.).

Stable and reliable

Pegasus provides snapshot capabilities to back up and restore blockchain data chain in a shorter amount of time. At the same time, we leverage Rust one of the most reliable and stable programming language noted for its safety features

High performance

The micro-service architecture separates the transaction ledger from transaction execution. This way computing and storage and separated, greatly improving transaction processing capabilities. Throughput 15,000 + TPS (on 4 server nodes with 32-cores)

Cross chain Interoperability

With a variety of chains constantly emerging Pegasus currently provides a simple cross-chain protocol to support communication between the main chain and the side chain. In progress are cross-chain communication protocols with other blockchain platforms.

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