Argo, ProgPow EVM compatible blockchain that interoperates with the whole Abassian Ecosystem

tokenized license

ledger for the Abassian coin: BNA a tokenized license to access the Abassian ecosystem.

turn-key enterprise solutions

on top of Argo we build ProofX and other enterprise blockchain solutions.

End-to-end solution

ProgPow consensus followed by POA/POS

Argo is secured for the first 12 months using ProgPow consensus algorithm followed by a hard fork to POA/POS consensus

Enterprise Blockchain as a Service

We are building an ecosystem of ready to use BaaS services for enterprises on top of Argo.

Powers the Abassian Ecosystem

Powers our Smart Contract Marketplace, interoperation with public blockchains, our loyalty scheme, decentralized validator rewards and many others.

Tell us your enterprise use case to build on Argo next

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