Aquila, enterprise Ethereum Virtual Machine based blockchains

made for business

we’ve added privacy, strong permissions and high performance to Ethereum’s robust core.

cross industry

we provide consensus algorithm choices, privacy options and deployment configurations in one versatile, scalable platform, so you can solve your business needs exactly as you see fit.

End-to-end solution

Use-case specific consensus

Pick a consensus algorithm to suit your requirements: Hedera Hashgraph, POS, RAFT, pBFT or POA.

Simple integration

With Abassian Business Cloud Platform, you can easily deploy Aquila blockchains across different cloud environments. Or, use Docker for seamless cross-environment integration.


We work with the existing tools you know: Truffle, MetaMask, Remix and OpenZeppelin (to name a few) – they’re ready to use and intuitive with Aquila blockchains

Marketplace integrations

Build, enhance and deliver your entire blockchain solution quickly and seamlessly by taking advantage of plug and play integrations

Strong privacy

Private information is never broadcast to network participants. Private data is encrypted and only shared directly with relevant parties.

Open source

Aquila blockchains are 100% open source so you can develop with confidence.

Ready to start building on Aquila?

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