Blockchain as a Service for Enterprises and Developers

Abassian is an ecosystem of blockchain applications that allows teams to experiment, iterate and deploy products quickly and safely.

Pegasus: Example of Rust Smart Contract
impl Contract for PegasusHelloWorld { fn exec(&mut self, params: &ActionParams, ext: &mut Ext) -> Result<GasLeft, Error> { if let Some(ref data) = { method_tools::extract_to_u32(&data[..]).and_then(|signature| match signature { 0 => self.init(params, ext), // Register function 0x532b_5480 => self.balance_get(params, ext), _ => Err(Error::OutOfGas), }) } else { Err(evm::Error::OutOfGas) } } }

We’ve created a trusted technology suite that puts blockchain to work for your business.


everything to build, operate, govern and grow your blockchain network.


solutions for public or private blockchain networks, customizable to match your business needs.


Everything you need, from enterprise blockchains, smart contracts to cloud deployment

Deploy Rapidly and Scale to Production

Instantly deploy, manage, and scale high-performance blockchain networks. Use use our extensive, lightweight toolkit that includes everything you need to code, test and deploy blockchain applications.

A list of our various developer libraries: blockstack.js, blockstack-ios, blockstack-android, blockstack-react-native.

Developer Friendly

Our blockchain ecosystem makes building solutions easy as developers can use established programming languages {Solidity, Go, Java, Node.js, Python, and C#} and this is a major win as these languages are well-understood and have immense intellectual capital behind them.

Performance and Throughput

Abassian allows you to leverage unmatched scalability thanks to a library of switchable network consensus algorithms (Hashgraph, Proof of Stake, Proof of Authority, pBFT, Tendermint, .etc) and a unique hybrid blockchain architecture.

The Value of Cross Chain Solutions

Abassian’s Interchain technology allows all our blockchains solutions, both public and private, to connect and interact securely enabling users to experience a seamless integration of capabilities.

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